Shortly after my last post, my friend Arlie sent me a link to this kickstarter. Funnily enough, the previous evening we’d been bantering about how there should be a suite of apps under the heading of: “Where the fuck’s my…” and the app could help you find objects with audio feedback, like keys, a garbage can for an ill-timed doggie bathroom break, a particular bus stop, etc. The Kickstarter is to improve an existing app, Blind Tool, which has some of that “where the fuck’s my…” capability.
It’s pretty cool! Check it out if you feel so moved:

P.S. My apologies to anyone reading this who is offended by the word “fuck.” Like, I dunno, my grandma. Though, knowing her, I bet she’s not offended.

2 thoughts on “Edited to Add

  1. This made me laugh aloud. There’s another app that helps you find places to eat in new towns. I can’t remember the name but it literally is all “where the fuck to eat.” And it will give a suggestion and you can either say “show me the fuck how to get there.” Or “try another place, that looks like shit.”

    I laughed all afternoon. I ended up eating at home though.

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