At some point you get some crazy idea to move away
look for a new home, look for a new life
laugh and eat and breathe somewhere else
because dammit, you just want to.
Because it’s an adventure, because it’s time
And then when you do, life goes on back there without you
the place you left
and even though you want to return, it doesn’t stop to wait for you.
No, it’s too busy with new things
you’re old, you’ve been there before, you’ve loved there before, you’ve failed there before.
That place moves on, even though you can’t
even though you want to try to take it back
because you changed your mind you made a mistake you didn’t mean to
you just want to be held
not to go to bed alone
not to lie awake alone
but it’s just not the same back there and it will never be
Life changes, even if you haven’t.
Or even if you have, in the worst possible ways.

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