A little context about this poem: In 2014, I began doing pole dancing as a form of physical self-expression and exercise. I poled for about a year, then lapsed when I moved to Seattle. I’ve recently been able to pick it up again in the past month, and have had an incredible time reacquainting myself with it. This poem celebrates that.

Poem for my Body

Oh hello, there you are
we haven’t talked in a few years, and it’s my fault, I know.
Finances, pain, lack of motivation, exhaustion
all reasons I said I couldn’t get in touch with you then
until, finally, I had to.
Because I knew I wouldn’t be ok
until I felt
the strain of all your engaging muscles
the curve of your sturdy spine, pressing, leaning in
the thrust and clutch of your bent knees, giving me so much
holding me up.
I can’t believe you still love me, for all I put you through.
The days of endless sitting,
the way I ate chocolate and cheese to stop myself from feeling,
how I neglected your desperate need for sleep.
I can’t believe
you still welcome me back
shoulders steady, pointed toes, hands reaching towards the sky.
You spin, you slide,
you bend to my will
and break my stubborn mind.
Thank you for being strong
thank you for being mine.
You’ve shown me clarity again.
And when I’m climbing and the music beats within me
scaling towards the top of the world,
pumping blood and electric nerves
I feel a shaking, tremulous high
like a kite set free for the sun.

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