Quick Mid-Year Update

   Well, it’s my birthday month, and the midyear point of 2022, somehow, someway. So I thought I would write a quick last-six-months update.
    I spent January laying low, until the end of the month when my parents visited. We took a trip to Orcas Island, did some shopping, watched some waves, and tried to figure out the off-season restaurant schedule.
    February I started my pole instructor training AND my year-long writing class in earnest. In April I left dreary un-springy Seattle for ten days in Oakland with Rose, one of my oldest and dearest friends. Even though I worked during the week, walking around Oakland gave my brain some new-city novelty. I toured some coffee shops and on the weekends, Rose and I went for small hikes and kayaked in the Elkhorn Slough. It was my first time kayaking in salt water. I found it bracing and lovely.
    Seattle’s spring was cold and wet. Now, in the last week of June, it is starting to finally feel like summer and I am feeling more alive. I hope for a long summer. I would like to eat peaches well into September.
I hope all of you are doing well!


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